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Get More Out of your Entertainment with a 30ft Ethernet Cable

Get More Out of your Entertainment with a 30ft Ethernet Cable

While more and more homes are using wireless routers for their networking needs, it should be noted that for certain applications wired connections offer greater benefits. The primary issue with wired network connections has always been distance. Because it may not be practical to have a modem or router next to your connected device, you may need to use a longer cable to cover the distance. A 30ft Ethernet cable can typically cover the distance of most rooms.

If you are networking a device that does not move around the house, such as a desktop computer, internet television, game console, or network music device, a wired Ethernet connection will always give you superior data transfer. Wired Ethernet connections are not subject to the same fluctuations as a wireless signal. Wireless signal strength can be altered by competing frequencies such as cordless phones, microwaves, or other wireless devices. This is commonly referred to as wireless interference.

The only sure way to eliminate wireless interference is to directly connect your internet device to a router. Using a 30ft Ethernet cable to connect an internet television or game console to your router will produce a more reliable signal for streaming video. A 30ft Ethernet cable can also be used to connect a game console to ensure the fastest possible gaming connection. In both cases the Ethernet cable will maintain a more consistent connection without the signal interference of a wireless connection.

Nothing is worse than losing signal strength in the middle of a movie or a video game. By eliminating signal interference you will have more reliable data transfer between your modem / router and your entertainment device. That translates to less video buffering or lag in game play, which means better entertainment all around.

Don't move your router closer to your entertainment center, invest in a quality 30ft Ethernet cable and improve your home entertainment. TriangleCables.com offers a variety of Ethernet cables and accessories for your home network. We offer cable lengths all the way up to 300 feet. Find the right cable to bring your entertainment experience to the next level.