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HDMI Adapters for Travel Situations!

Unexpected road closures, bad weather, spotty service coverage Ėa lot of unexpected things pop up when traveling. The best you can do is write out a long packing list and try to prepare for anything that can happen. You donít want to stress the electronics and cables. Especially when it comes to a flight, you want the least amount of electronics possible. Less baggage to carry and less to worry about being searched for! Rather than bring along lots of cords, bring just one or two compact HDMI adapters to use one HDMI cord with all of your electronic devices!

One Cable, Many Devices

All you need to pack is one quality HDMI cable and a quality adapter! You can find both at TriangleCables.com. Our compact HDMI adapters are all you need to connect to a device with a mini HDMI type C, micro type D, or mini HDMI type C connection to a HDMI type A cable end.

HDMI Adapters for All Needs

When you travel, the places you end up may not always be so roomy. Thatís why we suggest the swivel HDMI adapter to fit into any odd spaces you end up. Many hotels and condos prefer you donít move their electronic equipment; some are even nailed down and canít be moved. These are great situations for our 45 degree swivel HDMI adapters. Need to reach behind a mounted flat panel TV? Use the 180 degree swivel HDMI adapter to reach on either the left or right side!

How well does a swivel HDMI adapter hold a connection?

Our swivel HDMI adapters work just as well as any stationary HDMI adapter. Connections can be established for up to 24/48/50/60/120 Hz resolutions. You can be sure to get crystal clear connections, like with our premium HDMI female to female swivel HDMI adapter. This 45 degree angled adapter is RoHS Green certified and HDCP compliant. Itís created using a laser and machine soldering production process for a connection that canít be beat!

Our swivel HDMI adapters support a variety of resolutions, just as any HDMI cable does:





Up to 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz

Be ready for any multimedia presentation or TV hook up! Find all of your top of the line HDMI adapters for travel, here at TriangleCables.com.