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HDMI 1.3 Cable: What You Need to Know

Unsure of what HDMI 1.3 technologies have to offer? Then be sure to check out some of these most frequently asked questions regarding HDMI 1.3 Cable, features, and more.

Whatís the difference between an HDMI 1.3 cable and an HDMI 1.3a or 1.3b cable? If youíre a consumer, thereís really no difference for you to be worrying about. These revised cable specifications only actually relate to the testing and manufacturing of these cables, so thereís no stress over features or functionality. HDMI 1.3 cables as well as 1.3a and 1.3b cables are virtually the same and still offer great performance.

What are the features in HDMI 1.3 cable? This type of HDMI cable has become standard since its introduction, and that transition is mostly due to its great features. HDMI 1.3 cables offer:

  • Higher speed, through an increase in its single-link bandwidth to 340 MHZ (10.2 Gpbs)
  • Deeper color, through support for 10-bit, 12-bit, and 16-bit color depths
  • Broader color space, through support for x.v.Color standards
  • Mini connector options, which makes using HDMI and HD camcorders and cameras a breeze
  • Lip sync, which ensures video and audio are better synchronized
  • HD lossless audio formats, which provides support to both uncompressed and compressed digital audio formats such as Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby True, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD MasterAudio

Are new HDMI versions, like HDMI 1.4, compatible with previous versions, like the 1.3? Yes. All HDMI versions are designed to be backward compatible.

Can I upgrade a previous HDMI standard to version 1.3 myself? Unfortunately, HDMI 1.3 will require hardware and firmware upgrades, not to mention, conversions from the manufacturer. If you have any questions about this, itís best to contact the manufacturer of your HDMI 1.3 device or cable directly.

How does an HDMI 1.3 cable make setting up a home theater easier? Think of it this way: one HDMI 1.3 cable can do the work of up to 11 analog cables, which means that you get to save time, money, and frustration with setup. Instead of having to stock up and install numerous cables for both audio and video, HDMI 1.3 cables allow for you to simplify setup while reducing the amount of cable clutter that goes into your home theater.

In addition, HDMI 1.3 cable offers superior audio and video quality in comparison to previous analog setups, which means that you get better sound and picture from your home theater overall.

Have more questions? Want to pick up HDMI 1.3 cables for your home theater? Then be sure to visit TriangleCables.com or give us a call at 407-369-4015!