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HDMI Type A to Mini HDMI Type C Cables

HDMI Type A to Mini HDMI Type C CablesWant crystal clear HDMI connections? Get the best cables to connect your portable high definition devices from TriangleCables.com. These HDMI to HDMI adapter cables are just the thing to connect your HDMI port to high definition devices such as camcorders or cameras.

Need cables and adapters for your camcorder or camera? Our HDMI to HDMI adapter cables are compatible with top electronic brands, such as JVC, Sony, Canon, Nikon and Pentax. Hook up your Flip camcorders, point and shoot cameras or various media players to any monitor with a HDMI port with these 30 AWG cables.

Want a high quality connection from your recording device to your television? The HDMI cables and adapters from TriangleCables.com have a corrosion resistant gold connector finish and 30 AWG. These tin ferrite conductor plated cables have 19 conductors for optimal audio/visual connections. Youíll only get the highest quality video and audio resolutions in our cables.

A mini HDMI cable is perfect for all your newer devices like 1080 HD cameras. This cable will actually support any device with a resolution from 480i to 1080p. So long as your device has the HDMI mini (type C) port, these HDMI to HDMI adapters are compatible with all type A to type C connections. Youíll get crystal clear sound and pixel perfect video resolutions every time.

All of our HDMI cables are compliant with the typical safety and performance standards for professional grade HDMI cables. These mini HDMI cables are HDMI certified as well as HDCP compliant, CECE compliant and ROHS compliant. We guarantee a clear video and audio connection for all your male type A to male type C HDMI connections.

With the extended reach of a mini HDMI cable, get comfortable on the couch with your camera, while you flip through media clips on your TV. These arenít mini reach cables, the mini stands for the type C HDMI connection to the camcorder, not the range. The cables and adapters at TriangleCables.com can reach up to 15 feet.

Shop the selection of HDMI cables and adapters from 8 inch to 15 foot lengths here at TriangleCables.com.