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Hdmi Port Savers

Hdmi Port Savers

90 degree, 270 degree, swivel mounted and other HDMI port savers can be found at TriangleCables.com. Our superior service means we want to make sure our cables last long, which means reducing tension with our angled port savers, port saver extensions and HDMI swivel port savers for male to male ports, female to male ports and vice versa.

Get both a right and left 90 degree angle with our HDMI port savers for a tight fit in either direction. You can also establish an easy to reach down connection by using a 270 degrees port saver. These upwards facing angles will allow you to reach below for a secure connection, and leaves room for any other cables also being connected. How about situations that need adapting? When you’re not working with a permanent set up our HDMI swivel port saver will allow for an adjustable connection for moving cables or displays. For a quick, additional reach from HDMI male to HDMI female, our 8 inches long HDMI port savers will relieve the added stress on a stretching cable. Why put undue stress with kinks, bends and breaks on your cables when you can use our HDMI port savers.