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HDMI Type A to HDMI Micro Type D

HDMI Type A to HDMI Micro Type DWant positively great video and audio connections from your portable devices? The HDMI to HDMI cables from TriangleCables.com deliver picture perfect reception for all your

HDMI type A to HDMI Micro Type D connections.

A number of popular devices, like cell phones, use this high speed HDMI type A to type D cables in order to hook up to a monitor or TV. Micro type D connections are one of the newer connections to be used on premium electronics, like your smartphones and flip cameras. These HDMI type D cables are what you need to connect those devices to a HDMI type A device port, like seen on a computer.

The HDMI type A cables support 3D, Ethernet and audio return channel. It will also provide support for audio return channel, multi-channel digital audio, deep color/x.v. Color, HDCP and CEC controls. Itís an all around high performance cable.

Do you need a HDMI cable for HDTV? TriangleCables.com has the HDMI cable for HDTV, flat panel or player connections. Most of those players with HDMI ports are compatible with our cables. These HDMI cables will provide crystal clear video resolution from your cell phone or other portable media player to a large screen external monitor. Any TV or monitor with HDMI type A connections will be compatible with our HDMI cables. Youíll love how great the picture is and also how much more reach youíll get from our cables than your typical cables.

The premium HDMI cables from TriangleCables.com are top of the line in performance and signal strength. Gold plated for corrosion resistance and signal integrity shielding, you get a top signal and connection with these premium HDMI cables.

Want extended reach for your HDMI cables? Donít be limited by the cable that comes in the box. For devices with HDMI type D ports, get one of our full length HDMI type D extension cables to get more use out of your current cable situation.

Whether you just want to just extend your current cell phone cable range or just connect your HD device to an external monitor, we guarantee youíll like the quality of signal from our HDMI cables. Find the HDMI cable you need here at TriangleCables.com in a variety of lengths!