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A HDMI Wall Plate Completes Installation

When updating your home theater system, it's important to remember that organization can help to make everything easier in the long run. From rearranging your devices to streamlining your cables, every step you take towards getting your home theater system organized is going to count, so make sure that you're choosing the best options for both your space and your equipment. While you reevaluate the way you currently organize your entertainment devices, also take some time to consider some of the home theater solutions at TriangleCables.com. Our selection of HDMI wall plates may be just the thing you were looking for.

Great for helping you keep your home theater organized by offering you an easy way to hook up your system, all of our top quality HDMI wall plates come ready and easy to install so that you can spend more time enjoying your home theater, rather than fussing with trying to get it set up.

Designed to be a place for you to plug in, an HDMI wall plate takes all of your existing HDMI and video cables and reroutes them through a simple wall plate that can be easily be built-in to a duct, wall, or other homemade housing unit. Then, just feed the cables into the duct or storage space and let the HDMI wall plate be the only connection to your devices. From there, use cable ties or cable management accessories to keep your cables from being tangled inside the storage space. On the outside, you'll only see a wall plate and the direct connections. There's no messy tangles and no cluttered pile of cables – just a home theater system that's organized and ready to go.

Make home installation of your entertainment system easy. Let TriangleCables.com give you an HDMI wall plate to complete your installation.