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Video Cables - BNC ComponentSome of us remember the days without remote controls, or worse yet, times with televisions that had turn dials and that were black and white. Gone are those days, as we now live in the world of high-definition televisions, or HDTV. In fact, sometimes it seems we live in a world of HD everything!

An HDTV system operates with picture quality that is five times as good as its predecessor, SD, or “standard definition”. Believe it or not, the term “high definition” goes back globally as far as the 1930’s, and commonly referred to systems of greater than 30 lines of resolution. In the 1940’s, advancements were made to produce HDTV systems that exceeded 800 lines of resolution. By the 1950’s, the 1000 lines of resolution mark was surpassed.

Fast-forward to the present. Today, HD systems can have as many as 2 million pixels per frame, and involve interlaced lines of resolution; this results in a picture quality that is extremely refined and sharp.

But, of course, you can’t operate an HDTV without the proper HDTV component video cables. Our HDTV video cable selection brings everything you will need. The HDTV cables we sell are specifically made to work well in tight spaces. In addition, our HDTV component video cables are specially formulated to promote exceptional performance and to accommodate high bandwidth demands.

Your HDTV purchase is quite a financial investment, but the purchase of your HDTV component video cables doesn’t need to empty your wallet. Shop with TriangleCables.com, and enjoy prices that are affordable and products that will outlast your television; in fact, we guarantee it! All of our HDTV component video cables come with a lifetime guarantee, so shop with confidence, every day.

TriangleCables.com has been an online cable store since 1998, so you can feel safe and secure with us. In addition, we are constantly working to improve our site to best accommodate you. We are always open for feedback from our HD component video cable customers, too, so feel free to share your thoughts with us!