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High Performance Office Use the Do-It-All Cat 5 Cable

Ever take a peek in the office server room? There are tons of cables and wires, short and long, thick and thin running from server to panel, to switch from device. You might look in there and think, do you need all of those wires? Of course you! The cables that are used in an office, school or even home are all very necessary. Every power cord, Ethernet cable, and Cat 5 cable serves a specific purpose, whether to deliver data, internet connectivity, or power. Running from the patch panel in your server, no other cable is as useful and high performing as the Cat 5 cable.

Central Networking

A very basic home or office network is set up using a patch panel. A Cat 5 Patch Panel is one the fastest ways to reconfigure networking wiring. Using a punch down block connection and RJ45 jacks, you’re able to create as many high speed connections as needed in no time at all. The only limitations are the number of ports on your port rack. If you want a superior connection for a telephone or internet connection then Cat 5 Cables are the best choice for your patch panel rack.

Phone Lines Connections

Even if you’re just looking to wire in a simple phone line, a Cat 5 cable is not only the best way to go, it’s a long term plan. Not only will it allow you to expand that phone line should your data needs change, but it’s become a national standard for establishing the quality connection and sound.

What to look for in your Cat 5 cables:

There are two major differences in two types of cabling. One type comes with a solid twisted pair and the other with a stranded twisted pair, each with their own specific features that make it ideal for either long or short connections.

Long Distances

The solid Cat 5 cables are ideal for your office wide connections, creating a strong, thick cable that will be used in a permanent setting. The solid twisted pairing provides a stronger quality cable for your extended length needs.

Short Distances

Use a stranded Cat 5 cable for your shorter reach needs. A stranded twisted pair means you’ll get more bend in the cable. These are the cables that you’ll want for patch or ‘on-the-fly’ cabling.

Make connections easy with the no snag cables that last! You’ll meet all of your top stranded Cat 5 cable needs here at TriangleCables.com for patch panels and server rack installations.