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TestersThe Hobbes brand name is synonymous with quality and trust. Since 1985, Hobbes has been manufacturing and distributing superior tester devices. With a reach that spans worldwide, Hobbes continues to innovate and grow within the electronics and communications industries.

TriangleCables.com is pleased to provide you with an extensive selection of Hobbes products. All of our Hobbes testers are backed by a no-hassle 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Our Hobbes cable tester collection includes units to test IDE ribbon cables, PC cables, SCSI cables, and HDMI cables, too. No matter what your troubleshooting needs are, we have the cable tester to best suit the job.

When you need a broken link tester, check out our varieties of LAN ID diagnostic testers. The broken link tester units are compact for optimal portability, and are easy to use with just the push of a button. Customers love the bonus port finder features, too!

If the job requires a probe tester, we offer several tone probe tester choices. Identify wiring problems, verify cable continuity, and determine line polarity and voltage quickly, easily, and effectively.

When testing fiber optics systems, you want the most precise fiber optic tester. Choose from the Fiber Checker Pro Visual Fault Locator (VFL), the infrared Fiber Meter Pro, or the SMARTFiber Meter. Each fiber optic tester is compact, easy to use, and produces professional grade results.

For those working on satellite systems, TriangleCables.com provides a dependable satellite tester selection for both analog and digital satellites. We even have the Digital Satellite Tester Meter, which works with any dish.

Our LAN tester products are conveniently arranged based upon your needs. Choose from economic, basic, advanced, and professional LAN tester options. All of our LAN testers are of the highest quality, so whether the job requires a simple tester or a complex one, you can be sure you will find the right choice at Triangle Cables!