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How to Find the Right USB Cable with Ferrite Beads

Want the strongest, clearest signals for all of your computer connections? When you have quality video and information inputs, both home and office productivity becomes that much easier. You can easily make your home or office computer functionality increase with the right USB cable with ferrite beads.

Why choose a USB cable with ferrite beads?

A regular cable just provides an unfiltered connection from the device to your computer. The ferrite beads on each end of our cables act as inductors, filtering out high frequency noise and then letting out that energy as heat. What this means is all of the signals being drawn through the cables reduces the electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference that comes from a computer’s many noises operating parts. All of the signals from these devices are blocked with a ferrite bead, which means a better, less noisy connection from your device to your computer.

Which USB cables do I need for my computer?

When it comes to picking a secure USB cable with ferrite bead protection, you’ll want to take a look at our shielded cables with the best protection. Take a look at your port and determine which type of connection, micro pin, male to male or shielded is right for you.

Phone, Camera and Battery Chargers

Many of the newer brand name phone, chargers and batteries use a micro 5 pin connection. If you have an Apple, HTC, Motorola, Nokia or other brand name product with a 5 pin USB connection, get the 5 pin micro USB cable with ferrite beads. Even your smaller devices like cell phones will give off a external signals meaning a ferrite bead will help cut off radio interference in your cables.

Printer/Scanner Connections

If you want a strong printer/scanner connection to your computer, you’ll want one of our type A to type B USB cable with ferrite beads. These USB cables will provide you with a clear connection for a speedy printing.

Stronger Shielding

If you need complete protection for your computer USB port connections, check out our dual USB cable with ferrite beads. Two beads protect the signal going in both directions – a unique shielding protection from interference of radio frequencies and wear and tear!

Greater Length

If you need to locate your printers, chargers, or batteries away from the computer, you’ll need more reach. You shouldn’t have to go without ferrite bead shielding just because you can’t find USB cables long enough for your connections. That’s why we offer custom USB cables with the greatest reach. Check out our selection of 20 foot USB cable with ferrite beads to get the most reach for your computer connections.