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How to find YOUR Replacement Power Cords

Digging through a pile of cables and cords, they all start to look the same eventually. Who can remember if you saw the end that looks like the tiny mouse face or the half moon shape? Cords quickly go from handy to useless once you lose one, crush an end, or snap a cord. The solution for a broken power cord is always simple - a quality replacement power cord. The question of which kind isn’t always so easy, which is why here at TriangleCables.com, we try to make the situation as easy as possible for you to find YOUR replacement power cords.

What replacement power cord is my cord?

Many people will call them universal power cords, which is misleading and we apologize for. This is why we’re offering you this simple breakdown of devices and replacement power cords that match perfectly to them!

AC power cords – This external power cord provides voltages of 125, 10 AMPS and are rated at 1250 WATTS. The cord features a three conductor end where it hooks into the wall – that’s your first sign that this is an external power cord. Next, look to see if the female end, the one that goes into the device that needs power, matches the end of the power cord. If it says something like C 13 or C 15 female, then you’re one step closer to knowing that this is the match for you. Our AC replacement power cords are ideal for TV’s like Vizio and Sony Bravia brands, in particular our right angle replacement power cords are great for flat panel displays. Many of these C 13 or C 15 power cords are ideal for PC’s and gaming systems.

PC and Monitor Power Cords – Many PC and monitors use a C13 to C15 power cord. When the original cable goes down, rather than find two cables to replace it, use replacement cords that are on par with your first cable. Our Y splitter replacement power cords provide power to a computer and monitor at once. This 3 prong end will also work with dual monitor or TV set ups that require two power cables from a 120V outlet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our confusion free-replacement power cords guide to finding the ideal power cords to continue using the same great devices time and time again. Find all of your PC, TV and gaming replacement power cords here at TriangleCables.com all at top manufacturer standards.