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I/O Port and Bracket Adaptors

I/O Port and Bracket Adaptors

Whether you need to expand, adapter or diversify your computer connections, TriangleCables.com has the I/O port adapter, motherboard slot adapter, or bracket adapter you’re looking for.

Why have more expensive equipment when you can improve your tech setup with affordable adapters for your motherboard and I/O ports. Eliminate the need for an additional SCSI PCI card or internal SCSI controller with a bracket adapter such as our external port adapters. If you need to expand your slots, then a USB and PS/2 to motherboard slot adapter selection can provide four pins, five pins, six pins, eight pins in either one or two row set ups. This way you get the pins and the neatest fit possible for your motherboard, whether connecting to a USB or PS/2 port. Need another SATA port? Use our SATA internal to external I/O dual port to expand your current Serial ATA slots with up to 300 MBps in data transfer.

With reliable metal slot bracket fittings, and many options to choose from, shop the selection of port and bracket adapters from Triangle.Cables.com.