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Keyboard Mouse Adapters

Keyboard Mouse Adapters

From the shortest adapters to the extending couplers you need, TriangleCables.com has you connected through all situations. When you home office or office building needs new or just different cables, our keyboard mouse adapters will provide an affordable solution.

Looking to connect your mouse to a different keyboard connection? We carry both DIN 5 and serial DB 9 mouse to computer adapters for both mouse to mini din and mouse to mouse to serial port adapters. These make a safe and secure hold, letting you use your mouse as freely as you would with your from the box cables. For your 5 din keyboard connections we offer a variety of adapters including six and one inch DIN 5 to DIN 6 port adapters to connect your keyboard to your mouse. For short connectors when you don’t want to add to the tangle choose our one inch keyboard mouse adapters. If you need additional length or it will just make the job easier, pick one of our six inch Din adapters.

The only difference between our keyboard mouse adapters and the cables you’re using to connect the two, is that ours provide features like more length, adaptability and at times a better connection. Find all of your keyboard and mouse adapters here at TriangleCables.com including mouse to serial port adapters, keyboard adapters and more.