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Keystone Jacks and Inserts

Keystone Jacks and Inserts

The ability to build your own wall plates is part of what makes Keystone jacks and inserts such essential parts of any office shopping list. Some connections are more permanent than others, with our Keystone inserts, while a temporary connection can be established for a quick networking Keystone jack. These cables and connections can be reliably used time and time again. Your cables won’t be lost when you run them through the walls and flooring to mount inserts and jacks in one, organized easy to find place.

Snap in your networking cables with the ease that comes with our Keystone jacks for CAT 5E, CAT 6, and RJ45 cables. We also carry jack inserts for banana type connections, as well as RJ 12 and RJ 11 cables. For your audio connections our Keystone inserts collection covers RCA couplers, and other audio type Keystone inserts as well.

Our selection covers all of your video Keystone jacks needs with HDMI, fiber optic, modular, and BNC type inserts. When you want to cleanly arrange cables for your video presentations

We even carry blank inserts to protect and professional cover any unused insert cavities.