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M1 Adapters

M1 Adapters

Not all presentations are going to be from high tech media players. When you’re looking to project from a more commonly used device, such as standard BluRay players, DVD players, and laptop computers our M1 adapters for HDMI ports, DVI ports and M1 ports will help make the perfect presentation. We offer InFocus projector adapters for DVI to M1 projectors, such as the M1 male to DVI-D female adapter which is compliant with models like Dell, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Viewsonic.

We also carry M1 adapters for your many HDMI devices, such as the type a male to female projector to device adapter cable. HDMI Type A Male to M1 female adapters are compatible with your InFocus projectors such as the Infocus SP5000. You’ll also find M1 male to female HDMI adapters, for a reverse connection as well. Enjoy the sights and sounds from your computer, BluRay player or DVD player on your InFocus or Proxima projector with the help of our M1 adapters. TriangleCables.com offers only the highest standards of cables, which is why each one comes with our guarantee of satisfaction. Shop the TriangleCables.com projector adapter selection for your home or professional use today.