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What Your Set Up Needs: Male to Male Adapters & More

When it comes to shopping for your HDMI, Ethernet, DVI and other needs you don’t want to shirk on the best – but you always want to make sure you’re only getting what is necessary. Whether you’re working on a complete multimedia presentation room, or a simple, discreet professional set up there’s a few things to keep in mind.

Do you need to provide additional outlets for power reasons? An outlet strip isn’t always the solution. Rather than overuse one outlet and risk technical malfunctions use power wisely. When you know you’ll be running high use devices like laptops or computers on the same power source as others, make sure that all of your devices don’t go down with the others just because they’re on the same power outlet.

Will you need to do any work on the walls to run your wires? Many times you’ll find that your male to male adapter, coupler or port saver will be benefiting the office with additional reach and range, but you are left with a length of unattractive wiring. A few well drilled holes covered with discreet wall plates will allow you to hide all the additional lengths of cables that no one needs to see. Remember that a few holes can be easily concealed, so even if your media monitors move, your room still looks great.

What types of male to male adapters would I need? Compliancy is a major issue for any professional environment, so for example, choose male to male adapters that meet RoHS certifications. Make sure that the adapters you’re choosing are well built and covered by a warranty as well.

A few facts to know about male to male adapters:

  • These adapters such as our HDMI male to male adapters are compatible with any HDMI device or cable because they are passive.

  • A male to male adapter is also referred to commonly as a gender changer as well.

  • They are called so because when attached to a female cable, it becomes a male end – allowing you to add on an additional cable with a female end.

For all of your professional networking needs, be sure to check out the selection of adapters, wall plates and more at TriangleCables.com.