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Microphone Cables XLR 1/4"

Microphone Cables XLR 1/4"" title="Microphone Cables XLR 1/4"

Every video and audio professional knows the importance of XLR audio cables. You’d never have a successful production without the microphone cables necessary for connecting your audio using a 3 pin female to male mono plug, which means you need two cables to record or transfer dual audio on two channels.

These professional quality microphone cables are just what you need to set up an audio system for a play, conference, home recording studio and satisfy many other entertainment uses. These are also the same XLR microphone cables you’ll see used for professional television productions to connect cameras to microphones. The ¼” cabling is wrapped in a black flexible rubber jacket, making it easy to wrap up in between uses, fit into tight travel spaces, and wrap around microphone stands to increase stability.

Nearly any video production or audio system using professional grade audio pickups and microphones require an XLR cable connection. Trust the quality XLR audio cables from the people who know cables. TriangleCables.com provides you with a variety of XLR cable lengths for whatever your project, production or system needs are. Check out our full selection of professional XLR audio cables for all your audio 3 pin connections!