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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cables: Equip your AV System

If you enjoy digital or high quality video and audio, you already know the power of HDMI. As the future of our entertainment, HDMI technology allows for us to enjoy incredible video with better resolution, faster refresh rates, and greater color depth. Thereís just no other technology that comes close Ė except for DisplayPort.

Used widely in both AV and computer setups, DisplayPort technology is designed to be used primarily between a computer and its display or a computer and home theater system. So if you have an online video stream that you love to follow or if you have movies pre-loaded onto your computer, you can simply use a mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable to transmit that data right to your monitor or TV. No messing with a cable box and no need for multiple adapters. With mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable, itís easy to integrate your computer with your home theater system.

Supported by brands such as Apple, Fujitsu, Acer, Toshiba, Philips, Unigraf, and Biostar, mini DisplayPort to HDMI technology ensures that you can easily watch movies on your home theater system using your computer and a simple cable. Just think of the money you can save on renting movies or paying for expensive cable subscriptions! With DisplayPort to HDMI technology, you get better images, faster refresh rates, and incomparable color depth, but thatís not all you get.

The amazing thing about mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort to HDMI technology is that it supports stereoscopic 3D, which means that you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and films at the next level. All media types are using 3D to take the user experience to a whole new world and with DisplayPort and HDMI technology working together in your AV setup, itís easy for you to experience all of the excitement.

If you have a laptop computer, specifically a Macbook, that needs to be integrated in with an HDMI-compatible home theater system, let Triangle Cables take care of your needs with mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables, adapters, and more. We have all of the HDMI and DisplayPort cables you would need to get the ball rolling on your next movie night or AV display. Shop our selection today and save on this essential component for todayís home theater system.