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Mini DVI Adapters

Mini DVI Adapters

When you love your MacBook, iMac, PowerBook, or even a G4, you’ll want to be able to enjoy all of its video uses in many other ways. One thing many Apple users dislike about their favorite brand is that there is little compatibility with other devices. That’s why we offer mini DVI adapters for your Apple product. Connections should be simple, and become so with the Apple DVI adapters here at TriangleCables.com. Does your flat panel use a VGA port? Or are you using an HDMI projector? Our high density Macbook adapters will provide the uncompressed digital video transfer you want.

Unlike many of the adapters you’ll find elsewhere, our Macbook adapters are priced affordably, just like our many other cables and adapters. This is the way you’ll be able to enjoy the same great video that you were watching on your Apple computer, no matter how old the model. Our mini DVI adapters include mini DVI to HDMI digital video adapters and mini DVI to VGA digital adapters. Shop TriangleCables.com for reliable connections with our Macbook adapters selection for Macbooks, iMacs, Powerbooks and G4.