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Mini Testers

Safety, quality and constant monitoring are something that many of us are concerned with. It’s just one reason that we have worked so hard to provide top notch cables for over a decade. Aside from our great cables, you’ll also find quality mini testers and cable testers to keep your equipment running at top performance. From serial loopback testers to break out box line monitors, our mini testers are just the thing to let you know if things are in working order or if it’s time to improve the system and upgrade your cables.

Do you need to diagnose ongoing issues with your serial or parallel interfaces? Our Loopback cable tester for DB25 Female-DB9 cables will give you the information you need all on your serial port. Maybe you need to test a DB25 to RS232 jumper adapter box? These serial interface cable testers will come with quality features such as solder on jumper wires, ideally made to test parallel port connections.

When it comes to testing, monitoring, and even patching your current cables and connections, don’t settle. After all, only quality performing cables will let you know how your cables are performing. Shop TriangleCables.com for quality cable testers.