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Network Pair Splitters

Network Pair Splitters

Sometimes once connection just isn’t enough for your business. When your office starts to grow, so do your technology needs. Whether you’re looking to simplify your cable situation, expand your networking, or just add on new computers, the network splitters from TriangleCables.com will make it possible at the best prices.

Do you need to split a Category 5 cable? Network pair splitters will easily provide you with an additional jack, without all of the hassle of installing new wiring. We carry network pair splitters that are compatible with 10BaseT networks. Make note of the compatibility of your system and requirements, the same 10BaseT cables are not compatible with 100BaseT networks. If you want to use one CAT5 cable for two Ethernet connections, no worries! Our CAT 5E 10 Base network splitters are a simple solution that connects multiple networks.

Make your IT job much easier with the ease of a pair of network splitters for the office. Make two network lines share one connection with the simple connection of two unused network cables. Shop the selection of network splitters at TriangleCables.com.