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Network Testers From Hobbes Make Work Easier - At Any Price-Point

Hobbes has been one of the leading manufacturers of network testers for over twenty years, with a product line that includes network testers, link testers, data cable testers, and more. TriangleCables.com is happy to provide great deals on Hobbes equipment.

No matter what your budget, you can find network testers in your price range.

Economy Network Testers:

The E-series is a cost-effective solution for beginner users and veteran technicians alike, with more functionality than most other testers at the same price-point. E-series network testers can be used for network cable as well as telephone, TV/satellite, and home security system cables.

Basic Network Testers:

These devices are meant for professional network analysts and cable installers. The coaxial tester detects shorts and open pins and displays results in a simple, easy-to-read format. The LANtest Kit has a useful wire mapping function and features a remote display for extra convenience.

Advanced Network Testers

TriangleCables.com's selection of advanced quality network testers from Hobbes is an expansion on popular models like the NETfinder. The NETfinder Pro features a Cable Organizer function that allows it to work with up to 18 remotes, so network problems can be diagnosed more efficiently.

Professional Network Testers

The highest-end network testers available, professional models include a comprehensive array of tests and have even more built-in features, like reflectometer technology to measure Cat5 or Cat6 cables length quickly without remotes. The NETmapper even has the ability to display port status and ping the router, DNS server, and more.

No matter how advanced or how basic a network tester you need, you can buy in confidence from TriangleCables.com. With low prices, same day shipping and no minimum order value, we keep you connected all day.