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Office Multi-Tasking with 5 Steps Starting with the Phone Line Splitter

Speed and efficiency - just two ways to get more out of day- to-day operations at the workplace. Every office wants to do things well and do them fast – after all when you tidy things up neatly, you’ll be out of the office even faster! How do you make things go smoothly from nine to five, and affordably so? Simple! Use the small and simple fixes, like a phone line splitter, found here at TriangleCables.com. You don’t need major renovations, a new staff, and a staff of IT professionals constantly on hand to solve your every problem. Just follow our five steps to make your office a multi-tasking machine!

1. Spot your problems. Are you using too much paper for messages that could be done online? Are your phone lines all tied up? Some problems are easy to stop, but you may not see them all. Have a meeting with all staff to address any and all problems – big and small. While they may think it’s a big problem – something as small as a phone line splitter may be your solution!

2. Prioritize the problems that need to be fixed immediately, like those that cut into your profits and sales now. Place issues that are take up unnecessary time lower on the list, these can be addressed later. This puts phone line splitter issues into the upper half of your list, while complaints about the time it takes to get snacks from the other end of the building lower.

3. Identify the easy fixes that can be solved with new methods of operation. If you’re using too much paper, reserve printing to necessary and important documents. Running out of ink regularly can be fixed by determining how much ink is regular used, then putting in an order for ink in bulk every quarter.

4. Next, figure out what your low cost fixes are, like when you’re losing business to tied up phone lines or constantly dropping calls due to bad wiring connections. There are simple, low cost solutions to these telephone equipment problems, like using a phone line splitter that can provide anywhere from three to five outlets.

5. Finally, address your much bigger issues, like those involving remodeling or office rearrangements. While it’s no simple phone line splitter fix, a complaint about distance of the office café from desks taking up unnecessary time to walk back and forth, may even have a halfway point. A mini fridge or snack rack can keep food nearby, while work continues uninterrupted.

Make a more efficient office, so you’re spending your nights not worrying about the office but enjoying your down time. Don’t be daunted by the bigger problems, just spot your issues, prioritize, and identify. Work to solve the easy problems like phone line splitters and then the bigger ones, like office remodeling. You’ll find all types of easy office solutions here at TriangleCables.com, from a phone line splitter to network cable adapter, and all sorts of other office adapters!