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Parallel Print Cables DB25 IE-1284 AA AB AC

Parallel Print Cables DB25 IE-1284 AA AB AC

Looking to upgrade your printing situation? Our printer cables make for perfect replacements, extenders and overall satisfy the requirements needed to build a printing system for a home or office.

Which cables are you looking for? We have the IEEE 1284 bi-directional DB25 male to male parallel print cables, as well as male to female DB25 cables, that you need for your high information delivery system. Establish a secure connection with the DB25 conductors at each end, making your connection snug and fit. Need more length? Our parallel print cables come in a variety of lengths for any size workplace or office. We also have your 1284 DB25 Male to Centronics 36 male printer cables – standard for your DB25 pin to Centronics 36 pin connections. For a DB25 to half pitch Centronics 36 cable connection, we carry IEEE-1284 DB to half pitch mini Centronics 36 cables– ideal for laser printers, inkjet prints and multifunction machines.

For quality, reliable information delivery choose the printer cables from TriangleCables.com. We carry both parallel print cables for DB25 bi-directional print cables and DB 25 Centronics 36 cables to satisfy your printing needs.