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Patch Panels Cat 5E and Cat 6

Patch Panels Cat 5E and Cat 6Patch panels are a networking essential. Not only are they designed to be a connection or aggregation point in the wiring of your network, but they also give your network administrator the ability to reconfigure where certain lines are routed to quickly and efficiently. This flexibility, coupled with their performance, makes Cat5e patch panels and Cat6 patch panels a necessity for any network setup.

At TriangleCables.com, we’re proud to offer a great selection of Cat5e and Cat6 patch panels in a variety of types and models, all of which are compliant with the highest standards of Ethernet connection. Shop our selection to find the one that’s right for you in the right size to suit the growth and development of your network.

Each of our Cat5e patch panels feature easy mounting features for quick installation, sturdy aluminum plating around the RJ45 jacks, high quality connectors, and gold plated contacts so that your network gets the performance it needs. All of our networking equipment comes backed by our reputation for high quality craftsmanship, plus, you can trust that these patch panels can deliver the network organization you need in your growing business, training center, or home. Some of our models of patch panel also include a great warranty, so you know you’ll never be left with networking trouble.

As for our Cat6 patch panels, they also offer the same high quality construction as our Cat5e patch panels, only with support for Cat6 internet connections and other high speed data transmission. You’ll get optimal performance in your network with increased flexibility. Pure and simple.

From 12 ports to 96 ports, the Cat5e patch panels and Cat6 patch panels from TriangleCables.com support the size of your network with superior care and precision. If you want to be able to aggregate or connect an extensive network, then be sure to use our Cat5e and Cat 6 patch panels in your home or business.