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How to Troubleshoot your Phone Line Splitter

Imagine taking a call in the front office and a customer asks what else you have in stock. You run out to the back to see what there is, and go to pick up your new line you’ve placed in the back. No tone. “Hello? Hello? Is there anyone there?” Nothing.

Dropped calls, bad signals, or worse yet, no signals are not any way to operate a business. When it comes to your phone line splitter, you’re relying on having even more functionality. The point of a phone line splitter is to provide more service to you customers, with more phone lines, more internet lines, and a fax machine if necessary. When your phone line splitter fails to work, what do you do? Here are a few tips to help troubleshoot your phone line splitter connection.

First, check your phone itself. Are the phone and its connections in working condition? Check it by connecting the phone directly to the wall jack. If you hear a dial tone through the phone, you know it’s neither the phone nor the jack.

No tone? Try the phone on another jack to be certain whether it is your jack or your phone that is malfunctioning. If another jack works, that means it’s time to replace your phone.

Second, check both sides of the phone jack with your phone to make sure that both ends are working equally.

Third, place two phones on each connection of your phone splitter. If you hear a clear dial tone between both, the splitter is working correctly. If one does not have a signal, repeat step one to make sure that the second phone is working as well.

Fourth, now check the devices that you plan to have connected to the phone splitter, be it your fax machine or answering machine. If you’re still experiencing an issue, have these devices checked out for any interference or damage.

Fifth, check the wiring for your devices if they are different than the ones you used to connect your phones. If possible try these wires in another jack to make sure that they work – or use a new one if you are using old wires.

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