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Video Cables- RG-6 BNC Type

Video Cables- RG-6 BNC Type

Looking for affordable video solutions? Build a premium video set up at prices you can afford with the RG-6 cables in our BNC video cables selection. Our 75 Ohm video cables are wrapped in a heavily shielded plastic, which blocks interference and makes for a more durable and resistant cable for a variety of situations and video set ups. The signal strength provides high quality 2200Mhz transfers, designed to work ideally with top of line video devices. These devices include serial digital video, satellite head ends and other high definition devices using RG-6 connections.

Find the length and strength of signal you require in our RG-6 cables selection for digital video, composite video and broadband applications as well. Cable sizes range from three to 100 feet and all come with a 100% cable guarantee by TriangleCables.com. Please note that our premium BNC video cables are not to be used for computer networking, or to be confused with our 50 Ohm cable selection found under the Networking category. Shop our selection of BNC video cables today for your video needs.