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F-type Cables

F-type Cables

Establish the best home entertainment system with our quality RG-6 cables. Our video cables are just what you need to set up a satellite or cable system, featuring 75 Ohm, UL approval and up to 2200 MHZ. Here at TriangleCables.com, you’ll find our F type video cables, which use a snug fit F type plug at each end for a secure and stable connection for antennas, cable boxes, DirecTV, Dish Network and other satellite systems. You can also run internal and external signals to your television with these RG-6 video cables, such as satellite, VCR, cable and home entertainment devices. These RG-6 cables features an 18 AWG center conductor, PVC jacket, and braid shield. For the best performance, our RG-6 video cables use solid copper centers and are shielded with double aluminum foil.

Our F type video cables run from 3 to one hundred feet in length, giving you a variety of choices for any type of video system set up. Get the exact required length or pick up one of our extra long RG-6 cables for future rearrangements - our RG-6 video cables are affordable at any length. For savings that never end, shop our selection of high performance, fully tested RG-cables.