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IDC Ribbon Cable Tool
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IDC Ribbon Cable Tool

IDC Ribbon Cable Tool

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This professional quality tool is designed to crimp connectors on to flat ribbon cable. This tool is compatible with most IDC, D-Sub, and Centronic ribbon connectors.


  • Cable types:
    • 10 through 60 conductor Ribbon Cable
    • 20 through 80 conductor High Density Ribbon Cable
  • Male or Female IDC & IDS Crimp Types:
    • DB9, DB15, DB25, or DB37 pin
    • Centronics 26, 36, or 50pin
    • HPDB68 SCSI-3 / LVD
    • Header 10pin through 60pin
  • Crimping Distance 6 ~ 27mm 9.50' long
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Q: What is ribbon cable?

A: Ribbon cable is a thin flat cable with many wires running parallel to each other. They are used internally in many older computer styles to connect hard drives and floppy drives.

Q: Why does each connector have a different number of pins?

A: This is so you can get the correct connector for your computer’s need. We carry a wide range of pin numbers to meet your PC needs.

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