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Quality HDMI Cable for All Your HDMI Connections

More and more devices are switching over to HDMI for higher quality connections and data networking. HDMI cables transfer both audio and video data transmissions – at higher rates and performance than older S-Video or VGA cables. One quality HDMI cable is all you need, you only have to worry about one cord, rather than both audio and video.

Less cable tangle for your system!

Your one HDMI cable is perfect for many applications. This works for your day to day applications such as connecting a video monitor to a DVD player or connecting your camcorder to view on a monitor. These superior ports work much better than their counterparts and are nearly as universal in use.

What about my devices without an HDMI port?

We carry a variety of quality HDMI cables and adapters for all of your devices without an HDMI port, as well as cable for all of your HDMI to other type connections cables. Many cameras, smart phones and cell phones now use quality HDMI cables for a quality data transfer. For these newer devices you’ll require a quality HDMI type A to HDMI micro type D cable to hook up your monitor and device. For a camcorder, camera or point and shoot camera you want the HDMI type A to type C cable.

Just a few of the adapters and gender changers we carry are:

· HDMI to Mini HDMI Type C cables

· HDMI to HDMI Micro Type D cables

· HDMI gender changers

· HDMI swivel adapters

· HDMI port changers

Extend Your Reach

All of our cables are guaranteed to give you the best reception and connection. Here at TriangleCables.com we carry more than your out of the box HDMI cable solutions. We provide quality HDMI cables with the range you need for your home or office electronic set up. Whether you need a cable to reach across the room or you want to make a multi-room set up we have 3, 15, and even 100 foot quality HDMI cables.

Whatever HDMI connection you’re looking for, TriangleCables.com has the quality HDMI cables you need for HDMI to type A, type D and type C connections, as well as gender changers and port savers.