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RJ45 Modular Adapter: Your Questions Answered

Confused about what an RJ45 is? Need to know more about how modular adapters work? Want to have some common Ethernet cable networking questions answered? Then check out some of our most frequently asked questions regarding RJ45 modular adapters, connectors, and cables.

What’s a modular adapter? A modular adapter is a huge component in networking. Designed to help technicians troubleshoot and access modular connections, a modular adapter essentially allows for you to pick and choose which connection you want to connect to in a set of connections by giving you access to each individual modular connection. It also bridges the connection between two incompatible device connections, like an Ethernet cable to another computer cable. They are sometimes called “banjos”.

What’s a modular connection? A modular connection is typically a type of wiring/connection used in telephones and Ethernet cables. Basically, if you look at a telephone cord or Ethernet cable, at the end of each, you’ll see a modular connector plug. Most typical modular connectors are also called RJ45 connectors, modular phone plugs, or western plugs.

What does RJ45 mean? RJ45 means registered jack 45, or another name for a registered jack for computer and telephone use with a modular connector of either 8P2C (eight position, two conductors) or 8P8C (eight position, eight conductors). In most cases, it’s an 8P8C.

What does 8P8C mean? Essentially, it means that each modular connector has 8 equally-spaced conducting channels.

What’s an RJ45 modular adapter? An RJ45 modular adapter is a networking device that is used primarily with Ethernet cables to allow networkers to run client server applications by connecting the terminals on a desktop computer back to a central patch panel or other device.

What devices can be used with an RJ45 modular adapter? Terminals, serial printers, modems, point-of-sale devices, and serial equipment can all be used with an RJ45 modular adapter.

Where can I find a RJ45 modular adapter? RJ45 modular adapters can be found at TriangleCables.com in a variety of types to suit any networking application or connection adaption need. Browse our selection today to find an RJ45 modular adapter that will work for your specific network.