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S Video Cable: Analog Video At Its Best

First introduced in the 1980's as part of JVC's release of the S-VHS image, S Video Cable or “Super Video Cable" has since developed into a common visual technology element in many home theatre systems and living rooms. In the late 1990s, big-screen television sets featured the S-video port as the default video input, thus increasing the number of supportable electronic devices. Videocassette players, recorder, video game consoles, DVD players, satellite receivers and more were all devices able to adapt to this system. If you still have audio or visual entertainment systems from the late 1990's and you need replacement S Video Cables, TriangleCables.com is the only place to look to find affordable cabling that delivers superior quality. Just take a look at some of these selections:

3 ft. S Video Cable
Built for male to male connections and made with fully molded gold ends for higher quality video transmissions and increased longevity, this model of cable from TriangleCables.com is great for transferring data from DVDs, computers, satellite receivers, and televisions.

6 ft. S Video Dual RCA Combo Cable
This six foot S Video cable is built for male to male connections and features fully molded gold ends for higher quality transmissions. In addition it also includes quality shielded dual RCA cable for the audio portion of the signal.

6ft. S Video Toslink Cable
Built for quality video transmissions, this innovative cable is perfect for working with your favorite Toslink devices, such as DVDs, CDs, MiniDiscs, home entertainment systems, Digital TVs, and other devices with built-in fiber optic ports for digital input and output. Use this unique cable for both superior audio and visual impact with the latest in optical technologies.