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SCSI Adapters

SCSI Adapters

Do you need to connect two different SCSI devices? Or perhaps what you’re looking to accomplish is extending your reach by connecting multiple SCSI cables together? Our SCSI adapters will help you establish the connections that are essential to making your equipment run to its full potential. Our SCSI adapters come fully molded for secure connections for your many DB connectors such as DB25, DB68, or DB50. Looking to convert your SCSI internal ribbon cable to a SCSI III DB 68? Our SCSI gender changers come with fully molded internal ribbon adapter features, making them top quality to convert your SCSI to SCSI devices. We also carry SCSI pin adapters that support SE, LVD, and differential SCSI at speeds of up to 320 MBps.

Please remember to pick the proper SCSI adapters that are appropriate for your devices in order to maintain the data speeds that you’re used to or will be expecting. TriangleCables.com is more than cables, we also know our computer parts as well. Shop our computer adapters selection for all of your SCSI adapters and gender changers.