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SCSI Terminators

SCSI Terminators

All businesses and offices want a smoothly running operation, which makes it important to have SCSI terminators on all SCSI devices. Without these small pieces, your device will not run properly and may lose data due to the data reflecting back from each end of the bus device. SCSI active terminators are especially important for example, if you plan to upgrade your SCSI subsystem to a SCSI-3 device.

Looking for SCSI terminators with Centronics 50 connections? We provide Centronics 50 SCSI 1 connection terminators as well as DB 25, DB68, IDC 50 and other SCSI terminators for both passive termination and active termination. Remember to choose the appropriate SCSI terminator for your device, newer ones will more often be built for SCSI active terminators, while your SCSI-1 standard devices will more commonly use passive terminators.

Don’t let your connections suffer. Replace, upgrade, and improve your equipment business solutions with the adapters and terminators from TriangleCables.com, such as the SCSI terminators. Whatever your cabling requirements are, rely on TriangleCables.com for all of your commercial business and professional technology needs.