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Hard Drive Cables Serial ATA SATA eSATA Cables

Hard Drive Cables Serial ATA SATA eSATA Cables

Need hard drive cables for your servers and storage subsystems? We have the hard drive cables, eSATA cables, SATA cables, and SATA power splitters you need. For all of your high-end workstations, ATA drive arrays, mini tower computers and hard drives, don’t cut the cable short – the hard drive to motherboard connection is an essential connection satisfied with top of the line SATA cables, such as our right angle and standard SATA cables. The Serial ATA (SATA) connector creates a point to point connection and provides a fast and easy connection to Serial ATA Hard Drives, CD-RW, DVDs, and other devices. All SATA ATA devices need power – get it from a cable that will outlast your serial drives with our serial ATA cable power converter cables for 15 pin to standard 4 pin conversions.

Our thinner, flexible SATA cables make interior connections easier, as well as provide more room for additional airflow – essential to keeping your motherboard cool. The eSATA cables provide an optimal connection for an external enclosure drive. Rely on the superior service and cables from TriangleCables.com, our SATA compliant hard drive cables will give you the speeds, reach, and routing you desire for your high functioning office workstations.