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Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire

Do you have expansion plans for your audio system or set up? Maybe you just require an extension for your speaker wire. Either way you’ll be able to set up the speakers you want with the reach that you need with our polarized copper speaker wire. Get the complete surround sound system for commercial or professional use with our speaker wire. Reach and extension are no issue for the 16 gauge speaker wire available from TriangleCables.com. If length is something you require for your audio needs, our speaker wire runs as much as 50 or 100 feet. Audio speakers and source can be placed as far apart as you need!

Get clear, consistent audio with the 99.9% oxygen free copper wire in each of our 16 gauge speaker wires. Our polarized copper speaker wire is wrapped in a clear insulation for a professional grade appearance and easy of handling and storage. Choose our 16 gauge speaker wire for hooking up audio speakers, amplifiers and even alarm systems. Shop our affordable selection of polarized copper speaker wire today!