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An SVGA Cable Can Brighten up your Computer Experience

Even if you consider yourself “computer illiterate,” you can still probably identify the various parts that make up your computer. You can find the computer monitor, the printer, the keyboard, and the mouse. Basically, you can get it up and running.

How about that cord that goes from your monitor to your computer? Do you know exactly what it does, other than transfer the image from your computer to your monitor? That cable actually does a whole lot more. That cable is also known as an SVGA cable, and it is very important in terms of your computer's ability to display color.

What makes an SVGA Cable so special?

An SVGA cable, which stands for Super Video Graphics Array, is responsible for bringing color to your screen. But when we say color, we don't just mean the primary four colors of red, green, blue, and yellow. We are talking about millions of different colors. Every single different shade that you see on your screen, right now, is because of one of these cables.

SVGA cables have 15 pins in their plug. Each of the primary colors has its own pin so that as your monitor is pulling the various shades of colors, it has a base from which it can draw. Each color also has its own grounding pin. There is one pin that carries the signal to the monitor while another acts as a ground for the entire signal. The remaining pins of an SVGA Cable help to synchronize the display, both vertically and horizontally.

As an additional bonus, if you come to TriangleCables.com for your SVGA cable, you will find that they are also triple shielded at their connection points. This means that your cables will run at their optimal performance capability because they will be able to operate through signal lost, signal distortion, ghosting, and double imaging.

So if you want to brighten up your computer experience, make sure to stop by TriangleCables.com to see all of the high quality products that we have to offer!