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Television Power Cord Considerations

Caring for your power cords is one way to ensure that your devices work at their best for many years to come. The same thing goes for your TV. Having a television is a big investment and you want to be sure that you can protect that device from being compromised. With the right attention to cable and cord care, you should be able to make your TV last longer and perform better than ever.

Take the Time to Inspect

Power cords, just like all of your electronic devices, can pose electrical hazards when theyíre not taken care of properly. As the owner of a TV Ė and its power cord Ė itís important for you to take the time to inspect your cord to make sure that itís free of frays, exposed wires, or cracks. Make it a habit to inspect your television power cord every time you clean your entertainment center.

Set Up Your TV The Right WayÖThe First Time

When setting up your TV, itís vital to install it safely and correctly so that thereís no risk of electrical fire, damage, or even the TV falling. First off, be careful not to overload power strips with too many devices. Choose to set up your TV in an area where its power cord wonít overload a circuit, socket, or power strip. Also, make sure that you donít have to use an extension cord just to power your television. Never use extension cords to connect your television power cord to an outlet on a long term basis. They wear out quickly and pose more of a fire hazard as they deteriorate.

Something Else To Consider

While youíre setting up your television, also take time to care for your television power cord properly. Never run power cords for your TV under rugs or furniture or tack or nail an electrical cord of any kind to any surface. Keep your television power cord from being stepped on or damaged by avoiding placement across doorways or frequently walked areas.

When You Find Damage

Letís say youíve just set up your TV and now youíre experiencing some problems. Maybe you smell something burning or are having problems powering your TV. No matter what the issue, itís time to inspect your television power cord. First, unplug the cord from the socket and start inspecting it. If you notice a problem with your television power cord on a new TV, contact the retailer or the manufacturer immediately. There may be a warranty that can help you fix this faulty product for free.

If you donít have a new TV but notice a problem in your television power cord, itís time to take it for a repair Ė or a replacement. Have cracked, frayed, and damaged television power cords repaired only at certified repair centers. When disposing of a bad television power cord, clearly label it as "damaged and electrically unsafe" and discard properly. If possible, give the television power cord to an electronics recycling center or event in your community. When it comes time to get a replacement television power cord, be sure to check out the selection at TriangleCables.com.