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Telephone Cables

Telephone Cables

Home offices, major office buildings and even small businesses need line land telephones to connect with each other. Whether making a call across the building or across the country, every telephone line cord plays a necessary part to a business of any size. Our standard 4 wire phone cords come with a TriangleCables.com guarantee, so you know you’re getting quality and reliable connections from your telephone line cords.

You’re using a phone line cord, so you shouldn’t have to suffer from dropped or static filled calls. Our phone line cords provide a professional connection every time with a standard 4 wire line cord and gold plated connectors, for all your standard call needs. Connect a RJ-11 jack to your phone with these phone cords. You get your choice of length, from 25 to 100 feet of RJ-11 6P4C phone line cord as well as color, ivory or white to match your office décor.

Shop our RJ-11 6P4C phone cord selection at TriangleCables.com for all your home, business or office telephone needs. The connection matters in business - down to every cord and call!