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Toslink Adapters Switches

Toslink Adapters SwitchesToslink optical cables are widely universal for most audio streams. The Toslink cable product was originally created by Toshiba, and its name comes from the proprietary term TOShiba-LINK. Toslink has evolved over time, and the non-branded term EIAJ optical is widely used.

We provide a huge selection of Toslink cables, adapters and Toslink couplers. We even have the superior GoldX Toslink cables, crafted for the finest in speed and sound!

Toslink cables are made to be extremely flexible, and thus easily adapt to small or tight spaces. Our Toslink cables are durable and made to meet the intense demands of todayís ever-changing and quickly evolving audio-visual world.

Toslink digital optical audio cables are typically used for streaming digital audio from CD players, DVD players, and video game console systems. We have a huge selection of Toslink cables, Toslink digital optical couplers, Toslink digital optical switches, Toslink digital optical audio cables and Toslink digital optical adapters. If you donít see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us, and weíll do our very best to help you find exactly what you need!

Sometimes electronics cables and accessories can cost as much as the units themselves! It is our goal to ensure you donít waste money by overpaying for Toslink cables and accessories.

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