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Triangle Cables - Your Wholesale Source for Cables and Cords

When it comes to starting new information systems from scratch, improving your current set up or even making a new connection off an existing network, thereís one place to find all of your cables and cords, thatís Triangle Cables. Trust in the cables, cords and electronic accessories all found here at Triangle Cables with our 100% guarantee and over a decade of quality service online alone!

Quality Control

Part of maintaining a computer system or network is checking the performance and quality. Here at Triangle Cables youíll find the network testers and service kits to provide in depth look at the electronic under your care. From LAN testers to fiber optic testers, we have it all to help you identify if there is an issue, where the issue lies, and what it is exactly.

Alternatives and Choices

One of the most important things when it comes to selecting your electronics is to make the right choices for your particular system. Thatís why youíll find a complete selection of various computer cables, adapters, all in different styles and most importantly different lengths. When you shop for cables and adapters here at Triangle Cables youíll always get the perfect fit! The right size cord is always important when you want to preserve the quality and connection, long twisting wires and cables snag, bend and break Ė worse yet are tripped over! If you need anything from two to nine additional outlets then youíll find the grounded outlets in our DC power supply selection, get no more or fewer connections you need for the space thatís being improved.

Where can you meet all of electronics, internet and accessories needs in one place?

Here at Triangle Cables weíre prepared to help you with any hook up or connection.

We offer:

∑ Computer Cables, including FireWire, Ethernet, Cat5e, and VGA cables.

∑ Video Adapters and Cables, including HDMI, DVI, VGA.

∑ Audio Cables and Adapters, including Toslink, RCA, Digital Optical, Mini Stereo, and Guitar cables.

∑ Patch Panels and Switch Boxes, including all the pieces you need to put it together Cat5 and Cat6 cables, wall plates, keystone jacks and inserts.

∑ Multipliers, Extenders and Splitters for audio, HDTVís, VGA converters, and more.

∑ Printer Ink for Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Sharp, and Canon.

∑ Power Cables, for Vizio and Sony Bravia TVís, Computer monitors and towers.

∑ Testing Tools, including crimpers, strippers, hand and assembly tools.

∑ Surge Suppressors, Wall Taps and Volt Adapters, including polarized outlets, grounded outlets, and surge strips.

Shop our selection of trusted electronics accessories, here at Triangle Cables.