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TV Power Cord Safety Tips for Your Home

Your TV power cord is what keeps your entertainment center running, but without the proper precautions, it can become a dangerous fire hazard. Use these tips from TriangleCables.com to ensure that your TV power cord functions safely in your home:

1. Don't stretch a TV power cord to the absolute limit. If you can, move the TV closer to the wall outlet.

2. Don't plug in your TV with a variety of other devices into the same outlet. Also, keep in mind that the room itself can't become overloaded as most outlets in a room function on the same circuit.

3. If you need to use an extension cord, make sure it comes backed with an independent testing review. Avoid buying bargain bin extension cords as they may be counterfeit, which is unsafe.

4. Make sure there are no frayed wires, cracks, kinks, or other damage to your TV power cord. If there is, have it repaired or get it replaced to avoid further hazard.

5. If you need a replacement, visit TriangleCables.com. We carry a great selection of replacement TV power cords that can help you power your entertainment center while keeping your home safe.

6. Never put your TV in an area that can come in contact with water. Avoid putting water anywhere near your TV set.

7. If you have to use an extension cord to make your TV power cord reach an outlet, do not use an extension cord for more than one appliance or device.

8. Before using an extension cord for an appliance, check the wattage rating on the appliance and be sure the extension cord is equal to or greater in wattage rating.

9. Never use a TV power cord or extension cord that feels hot.

10. Never use three-prong plugs with outlets that only have two slots for the plug.

11. Do not run extension cords or TV power cords through walls, doorways, ceilings, floors, or under rugs. If the cord is covered, heat cannot escape, which raises the risk of fire hazard.

12. Use surge protectors whenever possible.

13. Make sure your TV power cord isn't under furniture or a lot of pressure. This can increase the potential for damage.