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C13 to 5-15P Power Cords

C13 to 5-15P Power CordsGet the right fit for your home and office set ups. From your entertainment theater to computer systems, TriangleCables.com has just the right universal equipment power cords - to fit the distance between your power supply to the device perfectly. If you want more or less length on your cords, check out our selection of AC power cords.

Do you need an AC power cord to connect from your device to a 3 conductor outlet? Our AC power cords are UL/CSA approved, and compatible with computer monitors, printers and other computer accessories. These are the cables you need for any devices requiring a C13/14 power cord with ratings of 125 volts, 10 amps and 1250 watts.

Want more reach for your universal equipment power cord? Get more or less length to reduce the amount of dangling cords in your entertainment system. Our universal equipment power cords come in lengths as short as one foot AC power cords for TVs that are close to the outlet. If you need to reach a farther power source you’ll want a longer cord, such as our 5 or 6 foot universal equipment power cords. Our cords are the perfect replacement for many of your plasma and LCD TVs, such as Vizio and Sony Bravia.

TriangleCables.com also has many unique fitting power cables. For tight corners or fits, check out the right angle C13/14 power cords to replace straight 3 conductor C13/14 equipment power cords. Our stress free cables are a perfect fit for many cramped set ups - the C13/14 power cord performs better and longer without the extra kink in the cord!

Want to simply your power cables? All you need is our Y splitter AC power cord to get power to two essential parts of your home entertainment system. This same universal power cord splitter will also work in many office set ups, splitting power between a monitor and tower.

For a PC power supply or any other electronic device using a C13/14 power cord look no further than TriangleCables.com. All of our AC power cords all come with a lifetime guarantee. Shop our great selection of universal power cords, AC power cords and power splitters for your TV and other home theater components.