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Universal Serial Bus Cables 2.0 Type A Male To Type A Female

Universal Serial Bus Cables 2.0 Type A Male To Type A FemaleMore reach and less clutter! Our 2.0 serial bus cables are the perfect electronic accessory to connect your computer to a universal serial bus (USB) powered device. Here at TriangleCables.com we have all of the ideal lengths to hook up whatever you need. Whether you need lots of range or just a little, we have the quality 2.0 cables you need.

Do you have a printer, portable drive or charged device with a universal serial bus or USB port? These low voltage ports are extremely common ways to connect to your computer. If you get a USB cable for one device, you can use it for nearly any other device with a USB 2.0 port. The 2.0 USB cables from TriangleCables.com are also backwards compatible with older USB ports, meaning they work with USB 1.1 or 1.0 ports. Need something to extend the reach of your PS3 or Xbox? Our USB cables are compatible with the USB 2.0 port in many devices including gaming systems, letting you game on with comfort.

Extend the range of your current USB cables or improve on the speeds from your old 1.1 USB cable with TriangleCables.comís high speed cables. A universal serial bus cable is just the thing to increase the reach of your current USB powered charger, freeing up the immediate area surrounding your home or office computer. The 2.0 universal serial bus cable is 40 times faster than your current 1.1 cable. Upgrade the performance and speeds with a standard serial bus cable with speeds reaching up to 480 Mbps.

Our 12 inch USB cable is the perfect fit for portable devices which need a quick and easy hook up. Ideal for USB powered chargers, external hard drives and portable printers; a 12 inch cable is just the perfect length to connect a camera to a common photo printer.

For a longer reach, get our six, ten or even 15 foot cables. Perfect for across the room connections, our 15 foot universal serial bus cable extension allow for hook ups across the room. We carry various lengths of universal serial bus cable for any of your needs.

If you need a cable to connect any type A male USB port, TriangleCables.com has the universal serial bus cables youíre looking for.