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USB 2.0 Cables with Dual Ferrites AM to BM AF Mini 5 Pin Micro B

USB 2.0 Cables with Dual Ferrites AM to BM AF Mini 5 Pin Micro BWant the best connections from your computerís USB ports? When it comes to computer connections to devices like cameras, cell phones, and smartphones, youíll want a quality gold plated cable that will quickly transfer the signal from device to computer and back. Nothing beats the filtered signals that you get with our dual ferrite bead USB extension cables.

Find a better, less noisy connection from your device to your computer with our top notch dual ferrites extension cable. Get them in multiple lengths, from a six foot dual ferrite bead USB extension cable to 20 foot cables.

Need a USB computer cable adapter to your cell phone or smartphone? Most of the big name brands are using a Micro 5 pin type connection in phones, PDAs, digital cameras and battery chargers. Our 5 pin USB extension cables provide you with a powerful USB connection to a computer USB port, as well as 20 feet of cable to reach the distances you need.

Our computer cable adapters are custom made for the maximum power and only provided through TriangleCables.com. If you want the purest signal, check out our USB dual ferrite extension cables. These USB cables are all quality crafted with the heaviest gauge wire found in any other USB extension cables of their length.

Youíll only get the clearest connection with not one, but two ferrite beads on our USB extension cables. The ferrite beads on each end of our cables act as filters, cutting off electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference at the point of the bead and turning that energy into heat.

Have a USB 1.0 port? All of our USB dual ferrite extension cables are backwards compatible with USB 1.0 and USB 1.1 ports, as well as any newer USB 2.0 ports. On a USB 2.0 port you can get speeds of up to 480Mbps for fast as lightening transfers.

Get farther reach and stronger signal with the USB extension cords from TriangleCables.com. Our lifetime warranty means you know youíll be enjoying the use of these dual ferrite bead USB extension cables, 5 pin USB cable and computer cable adapters for years to come. The dual ferrite beads will only help to make your cable last even longer and operate at peak performance.