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Video Cables - BNC

Video Cables - BNC

Need less interference? Our male to 5 BNC video cables extension high uses a ferrite core to provide a better high resolution display. Our BNC video cables are built up to industry and home use standards for standards in video transfers that canít be beat! Looking to replace SVGA DB15HD cables? Our cable meets many video signal requirements, as well as use color coded ends for easier identification, red, green, blue, yellow V-Sync, black H-Sync. 4 BNC video cables to VGA monitor connector uses aluminum shielding to block out additional EMI/RFI interference. That means our BNC monitor cables meet all FCC requirements.

Create your set up just the way you want it! These BNC video cables range in length from six to 50 feet. Thereís so much to worry about with your entertainment system, your cables are one thing you donít have to think twice about when you shop at TriangleCables.com!