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A VGA Wall Plate Completes Your Remote Video Setup

Remote video setups help us do a lot; in the classroom, at home, or at work, they serve as valuable educational and entertainment tools. So, as you prepare to install one in your home or business, remember that you need to have all the tools to hook up, plug in, and of course, stay organized. To help you do that, TriangleCables.com offers a great selection of VGA wall plates that are ideal for completing your setup – and chances are, you've probably forgotten about these valuable components.

At Home In home theaters, a VGA Wall Plate can prove to be invaluable. If your home theater is constructed in a very specific or precise way, it may be tough to integrate new equipment without throwing off the entire organization of your cables and connections. VGA wall plates make remote video in your home theater easy and hassle free by providing a clean and attractive solution to running cables through holes in the wall. Simply add one to your wall behind the setup and run the VGA cables there. You'll be able to easily plug in and stay connected, only without all of the tangles of cables you'd otherwise have to mess with if you weren't using wall plates to store and organize your VGA connections.

In Businesses Make sure that your remote video displays are never compromised by using taking advantage of the VGA Wall Plate selection at TriangleCables.com. Designed to keep your connections mounted sturdily without compromise of connection, a VGA wall plate from TriangleCables.com is just the thing you've been looking for to set up and organize all of your hook ups. Remote computers and projectors are no problem when you use VGA wall plates to organize your business, classroom, or training center. You get a crisp, clean look and streamlined connectivity. What's not to love?

Get a VGA Wall Plate from TriangleCables.com and complete your setup today.