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XLR Adapters

XLR Adapters

When it comes to converting cables, adding length, or relieving tension, the XLR adapters and convertors from TriangleCables.com will supply all of your solutions. Industry professionals require the best connections to run their audio equipment, which means having only the highest quality adapters. If you need to connect your XLR cables to another device or another XLR cable, take a look at our XLR adapters selection. Here you’ll find the adapters to connect both male and female XLR ends to ¼ inch mono male adapters. We also provide XLR microphone audio converter pieces as well. These audio gender converters will let you combine female to female cables or male to male cables for additional length for the job at hand.

For all of your sound solutions, trust TriangleCables.com. We provide only the best adapters, couplers, and gender changes. From XLR to 1.4 inch audio cables to XLR chassis mounts, we have all of the pieces you need to make your audio set up work. Shop our XLR adapters and microphone audio converters selection to answer your XLR needs.